manual for  passepartout calculator

by Pie de Vrede

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1. General

I made this calculator is to assist you with making passepartouts for all kind of images (paintings, photo's etc.) It is a good thing to have a digital version of the image you want to frame!

Additional you can:

When the result is what you want, make a screenprint and go on!

2. Defaults and limits:

  defaults limits
frame (w/h) 600 x 500 mm > 100 mm
image (w/h) 400 x 300 mm  !! image smaller as frame
glue margin 0 mm 0-10 mm around
step imagemove 1mm 1 - 20 mm
framecolor beige 40 colors
colormixer rgb values of beige any value between 0 and 255 for r,g,b.
image default image load own image

3. How to come to a good frame.


The symmetry.

By default, the image is placed symmetrical. If you are not pleased with the place of the image on/in  the frame you can move the image over the passepartout, up, down, left and right. (You can select the stepsize:  1,2,5,10,20mm)

Next: the image.

By default there is an "neutral" image, but you can also load an image from your local computer, (for instance a digital version of the image you want to frame). 

Color of the passepartout.

There is a collection colors, based on real passepartout-paper. (The first 35 colors ). Just click  a color to select.


If you are not satisfied with one of the available colors, you can try to make a better one:

4. Screen presentation.

Each frame will be scaled, depending on your screensize in pixels, and the orientation (landscape or portait) of the frame.

You can make a better fit by clicking the + or- icons.